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The Curse - Nathan Fielder's Debu Drama

Nathan Fielder Uses the Power of Discomfort

I've been following Nathan Fielder since his days at CBC. As a Canadian kid trying to get into broadcast, he was inspirational and bizzare. Growing up, and even sometimes now, its unsaid if you're a canadian entertainer and you make it big, you are now from LA.

He started as a CBC interviewer, some of his stuff pretty standard, until he discouvered his super power of the dead pan and comedic discomfrot.

In all of his projects, Nathan uses the power of discomfort and the pressure of a film set to explore comedy, and the roles people are willing to take on if there's a camera crew. But more than that, the roles that people fall into under direction. The power of influence when a crew is there. You could never get someone do these things in real life, but somehow being filmed makes people uneasy, to the point they'd do almost anything asked of them. Bizzarely, one would think it to be the opposite. That we are more destructive and more likely to do badly when alone. In reality, the shaky hypotizing gaze of the camera puts everyone in wonderland. People tell you what to say, how to hold your face, how to stand. Nathan learned over the years that he could use this to create a field of discomfrot, in which people act insane. Take for instance an interview technique he picked up at CBC and took on to Nahtan for You. He puts the chairs so close together before an interview, that the knees between them touch or awkwardly criss cross between eachother like an awkward first date.

Nathan can handle the uncomfortable. he can sit in social stigma the way others can't.

Which is why I was so exicted to see him take on dark comedy of this scale, and this scripted, instead of his usual format of putting real people into the unreal world of television, Nathan brings unreal people into a very real one. And the result is a car crash you can't look away from.

He started as a CBC interviewer, some of his stuff pretty standard, until he discouvered his super power, of stewing in the juices of the uncomfortable social situations he creates. he himself immune to the stigma. He sweats his victims of any shame or good sense out through this proccess, until they say yes to anything to get away from the pressure. The interview Nathan conducted with his own broadcast captain that The Digg called a " A Tour De Force Of Cringe"